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Development Management Institute

Bihar, Patna  AICTE

Established   : 2014

Affiliated to    : others

Address: Second Floor, Udyog Bhawan, East Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar, India- 800004


DMI aims to evolve as an academic Institution of excellence offering Empowering Development Management Education that recognizes the need for synergetic combination of anticipation, innovation, participation, governance and management, as interacting factors affecting society, state, business, civil society, and community based institutions.

Sustainable development envisions striving for greater common good, good will, individual and collective gains, ecologically harmonious inclusive growth, and fulfillment of aspirations of all beings. There is a need for balancing the aspects of collective and individual orientation through a synergetic alliance between the multiple stakeholders. A synergic effect made possible from win-win arrangement is essential so that sustainable development goals are achieved and benefits are justly distributed. Striving for sustainable development requires balanced functioning of government, business and civil society organizations providing checks and balances against the excesses of one or the other and complementing or supplementing the deficiencies of one by the others. Greater degree of inclusiveness, convergence and congruence will result in peace, prosperity, harmony, and fulfillment.

Development Management Institute (DMI) recognizes that people's participation and the associated concept of empowerment are central to contemporary discourses on sustainable development. Participation with enlightened self-interest has become a key element in the rhetoric concerning almost every major governance and management issue in the society and organizations. Good governance is about establishing good practices for equitable sharing of resources, equal opportunities, and participatory decision-making. Management in all business and human organizational endeavours is the act of getting people strive together to accomplish desired goals and objectives. Management in Follett's view begins with building a common understanding (Vision) of what needs to be done and interweaving the interests of all responsible ensued by coordinated effort and concerted action culminating in progressive realization of the vision.

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Courses Offered


Master of Business Administration( MBA ) 2 year

Post Graduate Programme in Development Management

Fees : 6,00,000

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