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Aligarh Muslim University

Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh  AICTE MCI

Established   : 1920

Affiliated to    : Self

Address: Aligarh


The university grew out of the work of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the great Muslim reformer and statesman, who in the aftermath of the Indian War of Independence of 1857 felt that it was important for Muslims to gain education and become involved in the public life and government services in India. Raja Jai Kishan helped Sir Syed in establishing the university.

It was one of the first purely residential educational institutions set up either by the government or the public in India. Over the years it gave rise to a new educated class of Indian Muslims who were active in the political system of the British Raj. When viceroy to India Lord Curzon visited the college in 1901, he praised the work which was carried on and called it of "sovereign importance".

The college was originally affiliated with the University of Calcutta and subsequently got affiliated with the university of Allahabad in 1885. Near the turn of the century, the college began publishing its own magazine, The Aligarian, and established a Law School.

It was also around this time that a movement began to have it develop into a university. To achieve this goal, expansions were made and more academic programs added to the curriculum of the college. A school for girls was established in 1907. By 1920 the college was transformed into the Aligarh Muslim University.

Sir Syed breathed his last on March 27, 1898 and was buried in the premises of the university mosque in the Sir Syed Hall, AMU.



Acadamic Calender

The academic calendar for the University falls within the authority of the respective faculty as set forth in Faculty Policies and Procedures


Facilities & Departments

AMU has 12 faculties with 98 academic departments which offer varied courses at undergraduate as well as post graduate level



Five colleges offering academic programs in the area of medicine, dentistry, engineering. University's Women's College is pioneer in providing women's education and has been serving the cause of Women's education since 1930.


Centre, Institutes & Academics

The University has 15 Centres, 3 Institutes and 3 Academies. These Centres, Institutes and Academies are specialized study programs offering courses in various interdisciplinary and emerging areas.


Distance Learnings

AMU's Distance Learning program provides education especially to those who are from educationally and economically deprived section of society, particularly those of the minority community.



The motto is to provide and develop an integrated and complete personality of the students inculcating the moral, intellectual, aesthetic qualities. The university maintains schools both at the primary and secondary levels including a specialized school for visually challenged.


Courses Offered

AMU runs a variety of undergraduate and post graduate degree courses in virtually all the basic disciplines of studies including medical and engineering sciences.

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Courses Offered


Master of Business Administration( MBA ) 2 year


Fees : INR 25610

International Business

Fees : INR 38896


Master Of Computer Application( MCA ) 3 year


Fees : INR 23425


Bachelor of Art Hons( BA hons ) 3 year


Fees : INR 23205


Bachelors of Education(B.Ed) 2 year

Bachelors of Education

Fees : INR 6985

Bachelors of Education ( Physical Education)(B.P.ED) 2 year

Bachelors of Education ( Physical Education)

Fees : INR 23205

M.Ed 2 year


Fees : INR 7205


Master of Science ( MS 3 yrs) 3 year


Fees : INR 32265

Master of Chirugiae ( M.Ch 5 yrs ) 5 year


Fees : INR 21510

Available College Facilities